Meatloaf’s Name is Robert Paulson!

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This is Bob...err...Meatloaf...Meatloaf has bitch-tits. Serves 4-8 people, but only two at a time. Prep for as long as you need. Cook until one person taps out or goes unconscious.
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This is Bob...err...Meatloaf...Meatloaf has bitch-tits. Serves 4-8 people, but only two at a time. Prep for as long as you need. Cook until one person taps out or goes unconscious.
Ketchup glaze
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Dice all of the vegetables and place them a large bowl. Keep your pistols nearby for motivational purposes.
  2. Add vinegar to the diced vegetables and mix well. Lightly sweat the vegetables in the olive oil. Combine the ground beef, sausage, vegetables, breadcrumbs and eggs into a large roasting or loaf pan. Pound with fists into cookie dough (imagine you're destroying something beautiful).
  3. Lay strips of bacon in a lattice pattern over the top of the bitch tit. If unsure how to do this, please refer to the Crazy Russian Hacker's instructional video (
  4. Cover the Robert Paulson and place in the oven for 1 hour (or until his rectal temperature reaches 165 degrees).
Ketchup Glaze
  1. While Meatloaf is baking-off, combine ketchup and sugar in a small sauce pan over low heat - stirring constantly. Pour over the Meatloaf in the last 15 minutes of cooking time.
Recipe Notes

Instruct your guests to bring:

- 2 pairs of black shirt
- 2 pairs of black pants
- 1 pair of combat boots
- Two pairs of black socks
- One black jacket
- $300 personal burial money

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PowerPoint is the Devil

Yes, your PowerPoint is the Devil!

No one should ever use it!  To make certain that this point is crystal clear, I’ve put together a brief, 13-slide PowerPoint Presentation, saved in PDF format, which, as everyone knows, is proof against it’s evil animated powers!


Dead End Job or Fieldwork? A Matter of Perspective!

I started a new job today. The kind of low paying, entry-level position that comes complete with a company shirt, name tag and ball cap. Perfect for someone who is half my age or more. The kind of job I would otherwise be ashamed of having, considering where I think I should be by this point in my life.  However, such thinking has neither lead me to happiness or fulfillment..


So, instead of getting depressed about having to wear a dirty apron, stand over a hot fryer and scrape food pans into the trash, I will try to focus on what I can take away from the place:

  1. It is an honest living – there’s no shame in that
  2. Beats the hell out of some of the other things I’ve done for a living…
  3. I get to meet new and interesting people

Of those points, the last one got me thinking about how I could put a positive spin on this situation: I’m going to start thinking of my job as undercover participant observation – a form of ethnographic field work. Delusional? Without a doubt, but at least it will be fun!

I could conduct informal interviews, maybe even map the social dynamics between co-workers, management and customers. The alternative is just the same treadmill of frustration I have been running myself ragged on for years now in a seemingly endless parade of joe jobs.

On a positive note, they have enabled me to amass an impressive collection of nametags and hairnets (you’ll have to forgive the shameless Wayne’s World reference 🙂 )…

Besides, you’d be surprised at just how willing people are to tell their stories – if only you’d take the time to ask. And who doesn’t like a good story? I certainly do…so tell me, what’s your story?

Procrastination and Projects

A couple months ago I picked up an AR-15 lower receiver with the intention of building, owning and eventually firing my first AR style rifle! So far, this has consisted of me staring at the lower receiver and parts kit as they collect dust on the shelf…

Spike Tactical’s “The Jack” AR-15 Lower

Well no longer! I finally got up the motivation to go out to the garage and gather up the tools I will need to assemble the parts I do have. I plan on this being a longer term project as quality parts are not cheap, and I am on a rather limited budget. I figure it will take me a few months (at the very least) to save up the required cash to purchase the hardware that will be needed to assemble an operating rifle.

Taking time will also give me the added benefit of researching the staggering array of custom options the AR platform offers.

I will need to pick a stock…

  • Plain Jane classic fixed A2?
  • Multi position mall ninja tacticool Magpul ?
  • Something entirely different?

Barrel length and caliber…

  • Do I bother filling out the NFA paper work, set up a trust, and go with that awesome looking 8 inch SBR setup in .300 Blackout?
  • Maybe Bambi slaying .458 SOCOM?
  • Regular old 5.56mm?

The All-Important Personalized Dust Cover!  with something witty on to show that my rifle is not to be confused with any of the other little black rifles out there today!

How many rails will it have? And what should be attached to them? Vertical fore grip? Angled fore grip? Flashlights, optics, laser sights.  Maybe no rails at all so I can keep it high speed and low drag?

The choices in flash hiders and muzzle devices is enough to overwhelm the brain alone!

This says nothing about things like magazine wraps, slings, custom grips and the host of other parts that will need to be contemplated over before it all comes together as fully functioning machine.

So, before I put too much thought behind getting whatever newfangled, hi-tech, super-coated bolt and carrier out on the market (that I can not yet afford), I need to start with what I got.

I will be spending the rest of the evening watching YouTube videos on how to assemble all the tiny springs, detent pins and other bits and pieces that go into a lower receiver.

Almost like Legos for big kids…


Stay Tuned!

Hello World!



ECHO HelL0 World!!!
ECHO He1lo World!!!
ECHO h3llo World!!!
ECHO hEllo ~ World!!!
ECHO hello w0rld!!!
ECHO Hell0 Wor1d!!!
ECHO HelLo WorlD!!!

SPAM, meet Lead!

It’s amazing how soon comment spammers start creeping in so soon after a fresh site’s creation! While I give them a ‘D’ for determination, I’ve setup enough of these to know how to handle them…


Disclaimer: No worthless spambots or their masters were harmed in the making of the this post. Instead, an anti-spam plugin was deployed, and has discarded a metric crap tonne of junk comments…still, the illustration above looks like a lot more fun :)…