About Pork Circus

Who and/or what is Pork Circus?

Pork Circus started life a as a blog I’d created for Big Jim to give him a create outlet to express his unusual (and often amusing) notions. Jim changes interests oftener than most people change underwear, and within a few short weeks, he’d dropped out, leaving me as the sole contributor.

Though Big Jim is gone, the site lives on, and will continue to do so as long as it suits me.

Big Jim [Retired]

Co-founder (retired), and creative genius behind who put the words Pork and Circus together.


Joe-Jim designed and manages the porkcircus.com website, and occasionally writes stuff too.

4 thoughts on “About Pork Circus”

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    1. There’s a lot to unpack here, so I’ll try to address each question, one at a time:

        + No.
        + Yes, perfectly normal.
        + The professional cleanup is free of charge, plus time and materials at $200/hour, three hour minimum.
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    1. Mike,

      Words can’t express my disgust and admiration for your bold initiatives, but alas, the world just isn’t ready for your brand of enhancement, and neither are we. Ciao (チャオ).

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