Porker, The Quest For Independence

A couple of months ago, I took a stab at indie game development, having released small game called, Porker: The Quest for Tastiness.  It’s a silly game with a ridiculous premise; become the tastiest pig possible!

It only met the barest definition of a game; it had objectives, levels, a scoring system, win and lose conditions. Nevertheless, those who played it really got a kick out of it, and I enjoyed watching other people enjoy it…sounds a bit voyeuristic, I know, but bare with me :)…

Encouraged by the positive feedback I’d gotten, I decided to beef (pork?) up the game into what I considered a more complete project:

  • Added more levels, additional enemies and power ups
  • Tripled the score system
  • Included several secrets including bonus stages and puzzles within them
  • Created a complex end boss with challenging AI
  • Setup a menu/pause system and volume controls
  • Made 4 possible endings depending on whether you beat the final boss, and what score you attained when doing so

You can buy a digital copy of the game on GameJolt for $0.99. I hope that this and other projects I will continue to crank out will allow me to earn a living doing this.

Try it yourself, and let me know what you think!


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Joe-Jim is the amalgamation of Joe and Jim, the founders of this site. It's also a shout out to Bob Heinlein's novel, "Orphans in the Sky." The name is a reference to the ambivalent “muty” (being both a two-headed mutant and the descendant of mutineers) who lead the outcasts out of the darkness of religious superstition. Joe-Jim is the editor and co-writer of Pork Circus.

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