SPAM, meet Lead!

It’s amazing how soon comment spammers start creeping in so soon after a fresh site’s creation! While I give them a ‘D’ for determination, I’ve setup enough of these to know how to handle them…


Disclaimer: No worthless spambots or their masters were harmed in the making of the this post. Instead, an anti-spam plugin was deployed, and has discarded a metric crap tonne of junk comments…still, the illustration above looks like a lot more fun :)…

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Joe-Jim is the amalgamation of Joe and Jim, the founders of this site. It's also a shout out to Bob Heinlein's novel, "Orphans in the Sky." The name is a reference to the ambivalent “muty” (being both a two-headed mutant and the descendant of mutineers) who lead the outcasts out of the darkness of religious superstition. Joe-Jim is the editor and co-writer of Pork Circus.

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