This sandwich is worth half the whores in Narbo (and their mothers)! Serves: The entire 13th legion! Well a couple of them anyhow… Prep: I don’t know, you’re the clever one!! Cook Time: Enough time to drink all the wine, smoke all the smoke and f*** every whore in the city!
  1. This is an easy dish to make. Just toss all the mumping ingredients into a large electric roaster and set the cack-faced dial to 225 degree F.
  2. Add enough water to cover about a quarter of the roast and let it cook until it falls apart. Perfect slow cook dish to set up overnight while sleeping!
  3. Shred the pork up and serve on a toasted ciabatta (or any other true roman bread, for true romans…ciabatta probably isn’t, but shut up and eat it anyhow…) making sure the bread is wet as October with the broth. Great with a bit of spicy giardiniera if you like it hot as Vulcan’s cock.
Recipe Notes

Before eating, make sure stab the sandwich with your Gladius repeatedly while shouting, “THIRTEEEEEENTH!!! THIRTEEEEEEEEEENTH!!!”